Ineke Brugman is a professional all round make-up artist, always on the look out for new artistic challenges and new faces to work with. Her inspirations are mainly taken from pop culture, movies and runway fashion shows, working with top photographers and directors for magazines, fashion shows, film, theatre and television. Ineke’s passion for her work started at a young age: Barbie dolls got complete make-overs and friends became enthusiastic models for her hair and make-up experiments. Ineke attended both the Amsterdam Fashion Academy (1986-1991) and the Dik Peeters School for Hair and Make-up (1993-1994) in Amsterdam. During her years at school she worked as a stylist and hair and make up artist for many fashion presentations and nightlife events, amongst them multi media art events at the now legendary RoXY club in Amsterdam. Because of all the contacts she had made in the world of fashion and arts she soon found lots of work after graduating. Always eager to learn more, she attended an airbrush course in 2007 and went to the Gerda Siemer Beautician School (2000-2002) to learn more about cosmetology, valuable knowledge which she puts into to practice at every assignment.